To the 3AMs of my life

When you read a great book, you might forget some of the more minor characters, but you’ll probably have one or more characters that you get hooked onto. Their vivid personality, the lines they say, the feelings they express will be etched in your mind long after you have turned the last page. Life is kind of similar this way. You might meet countless people and yet there are those few personalities that you can never tend to oversee. They might come in the form of best friends, family or maybe a random bystander. The words they say, the emotions they feel will affect you unconditionally. There are those few moments you share, few lines they say out of love, anger or concern which tend to have an emotional impact on you. You’ll never think or feel the same after that. They give you a new perspective. They make you introspect without making any extra effort.  Their thoughts will eventually be imprinted in your head and heart.


Those are the kind of people who you hold onto when life gets too much. Those are the kind of people who will possibly not judge you for the wrong things you did. Those are the kind of people who will stick by you to make you a better person. Those are the kind of people I call “best friends”. They’ve taught me to love without expectations and live with all the struggles, that being sensitive is a force of strength in one’s life. They’ve taught me to be resilient and patient during those unpleasant, unlikable phases.

“It’s okay to be sad”, my friend said, when I was going through a bad stage in life.

“You don’t have to be perfect all the time, just be good and true to yourself”, a friend said when I was trying too hard to please my dear ones.

“Stop getting defensive all the time, people will say what they have to say”, a friend said when I was attempting to justify every statement someone made about me.

“Time to move on! Even the dust from this should have no place in your life”, a friend said when I spent months brooding over certain situations.

They saw the darkness before I did. Heck, they probably know me more than I know myself! It’s because of them I’m where I’m and I’m who I’m. They have played an immeasurable role alongside my family and I don’t think words can ever complete the feeling I’ve had for them.


What else can I say but this!

Thank you for being there when I call you or need someone to talk to. No matter where we are in the world, I know you’ll always pick up.

Thank you for not judging my sometimes poor decision-making skills.

Thank you for being brutally honest with me when I’m being ridiculous.

Thank you for being so patient with my insane mind.

Thank you for pouring large glasses of wine.

Thank you for sticking by, even through all the hurdles and distance.

Thank you for being there when I have mistakenly chosen other significant people over you in obvious moments of weakness.

Thank you for every gushy, goofy text you send me when life gets crappy.

Thank you for completing my thoughts and sentences.

Thank you for caring too much, loving too much and yelling too much.

Thank you for loving the indestructible mess that I’m.

Thank you for those moments of silence, those silly I-know-what-you-are-thinking eye glances, those late night conversations and those inside jokes we have created.

Thank you for not leaving me when I made our lives ONLY about my problems.

Thank you for making me stay true to myself and thank you for continuing to be true to yourself as well because I think you rock.

But most of all, I want to thank you for the incredible, out of the world, phenomenal human being that you are!


P.S:  And thank you for pushing me to start this blog. It’s honestly done nothing but wonders for me!