Lesson #1

Procrastination isn’t just about watching T.V. and eating all day. It is avoiding tasks that need to be accomplished. It is about delaying all the less pleasurable tasks for the more pleasurable ones. I’m a person who had my thoughts everywhere and all over the place. I might have had a lot of work for the day but I got lethargic sometimes. One minute I wanted to cook and the next minute, I might have wanted to watch some T.V. (when clearly I should have worked on sending emails, doing a site visit and talking to the contractors for my project). However, I ended up doing neither and sat surfing through every app this ‘tech world’ introduced me to. I’m still working on improving my attitude and making progress ever since I realised I was a procrastinator.

I have been trying to write this post since two weeks, examining all the possible means on this underlying unintentional habit.  I’m pretty sure it could have been my over cautious nature. And perfectionism- I had lots of that! I was always organising my thoughts and thinking too much before any task. I most definitely had unnecessary ideas about myself and what people would think if I fail. I had my impatience at its highest. I had a lack of self-control with the way I prioritised my intentions, in the sense that I gave more importance to what others would think of me. This affected me professionally and personally. I was easily distracted. I feared that I would fall short of the requisite talent or skills for a task or anything that I liked doing. I would rather be looked at for the lack of effort than the lack of ability: that was my go-to motto!  Clearly, I’ve now risen over that phase, slowly and gradually, taking one step at a time and realising that it was all ‘in the head’. I was unknowingly stuck with certain reasons in my head that supplied enough logic to tell me that I can put off anything or I cannot handle it or I wasn’t confident enough to fight through it. Recognising this was half the battle and fighting through it has taught me about myself!

                                       If there is anything I learned, it’s this: RESPECT TIME! Our time in this life is limited. How we make use of it shows our effort to fulfilment. Telling yourself you need a perfect time, space and equipment to achieve a task, waiting for the magic ingredients to appear is wrong. I kept telling myself I work best under pressure but I realised it was the only way I was used to getting things done. Time has that amazing power to give some sense of clarification. Time controls emotions and emotions are unreliable. I started focusing on the success I would achieve and the joy I would feel. I started meditating every morning and the result for it is nothing short than happiness. I started doing things I liked. I pushed myself to finish that one last chapter of the book. I pushed myself to turn off all the digital distractions. I pushed myself to stop being a people pleaser. I pushed myself to start saying “NO”. I drove myself away from anything negative: beliefs, people, habits, you name it! Remember:

Respect your time. Match your effort. Keep your word. Always be honest with yourself. Be consistent. 



Author: happyruins

A 20 something caffeine dependent life-form.

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